Tech Tuesdays – New Year Tech Resolutions


The New Year is fast approaching. Many people will take this time to reflect and reminisce, flip or scroll through old photos and talk about the good days. There were some very memorable events this year that were picture perfect.
One that comes to mind was the Summer Olympics in the beautiful Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. All of the world’s greatest athletes competing in one city! There’s plenty of great shots: Michael Phelps winning his 28th Medal, Simone Manuel winning her first Gold Medal and yet another Simone, Simone Biles, winning Gold in the Individual All-Around. Another picture perfect moment was the first Super Moon in half a century! The Moon was the closet it’s been to the Earth this year and countless people took to the rooftops to snap a shot of it. On top of that there have been family vacations, holiday parties with friends and birthday parties with loved ones. All captured with the flash of a camera or smart phone!

Now that 2016 is coming to end, it is time to secure all of those wonderful memories. Make sure to back up all of your major devices. Push your photos to the cloud or save them manually onto an external hard drive. It only takes an accidentally dip in the pool with your phone in your pocket to lose a year’s worth of pictures.

Make sure to save all of those selfies!
2017 is right around the corner!

This week’s video from CNET gives you a full tech checklist to make sure you save the OLD and prepare for the NEW!