TechTuesdays – Your tax guy is now an App!


April 15th! Does that date spark feelings of fear or dread? Tax day cometh..will you be prepared? Gone are the days when you had to put all your forms and receipts in a bag and take them to a tax preparer. In recent years, computer programs and even web sites have allowed us to prepare and file our own tax forms, at least those that aren’t too complex. This year, you can even prepare your taxes using an app on your SmartPhone. This is clearly a case of Schumpeter’s Creative Destruction in which the creation of new industries, like tax preparation apps, causes the demise or restructuring of other industries, such as the traditional tax preparer. Other examples are sites like LegalZoom versus traditional attorneys or Uber’s car service app versus traditional cabbies. That battle continues to rage on.

This week on TechTuesdays, we will see how technology, specifically automation is being used to replace or at least change the roles of routine knowledge workers.

Perhaps the myth of “technological unemployment” is no longer a myth!